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Our Prospectus

The educator Piaget once said that the primary goal of education is “to create individuals who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done - individuals who are inventive, creative discoverers.”

If this is the type of education system you would like your child to be part of then THE WAY merits your consideration.

Our School years should be some of the happiest and most fulfilling times of our lives. They should be a time when young men and women develop a sound character, build friendships, foster a healthy lifestyle and attitudes, discover a joy in serving the Lord, Jesus Christ and learn to extend their focus to others.

We believe that today’s children are tomorrow’s society, and at THE WAY, we are not prepared to let the attributes of our learners go to waste or to have their talents overlooked. We recognize that each child is unique and has the potential to be successful. Research has proven that success breeds success, and we will , therefore, endeavour to create an environment in which the self-esteem and talents of our learners can be developed, and in which they can experience success.

Our hands-on approach to education has a dual purpose as it is directed at developing an enquiring mind in our learners, and at emphasizing the fact that learning can be enjoyable. We recognize that our learners need and deserve to have fun, and should enjoy their school career. Our staff are mature individuals, but they are young enough to understand that learning can be fun. The close bonds which our small classes encourage between educator and learner, and the intimacy of a small school provide the scope for this.

We understand that the learner’s formative years are not without difficulties. We are aware that young people of the same age may have different levels of maturity, different needs and aspirations. Learners and parents will find the staff to be helpful, understanding and approachable. At the same time, any matters discussed with regard to the learner’s progress and performance are treated in the strictest of confidence.

Credo of The Way


E believe in the Triune God: God the Father Almighty; His Son Jesus Christ whose life was given for us; and in His Holy Spirit, our guide and comforter; One God whose Kingdom shall come.


HE sacred responsibility of parents and THE WAY is to educate, develop and nurture our children to share our belief in God; to encourage them to exercise their faith; and to foster a relationship with God that will sustain and last them all their lives.


HE WAY seeks to build upon this foundation, to prepare and equip our children to be the Christian citizens of tomorrow. In fulfilling this profound and God-given task we shall, through the teachings contained in the Bible and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, endeavour to develop our children in mind, spirit and body to achieve the best they can.


E believe that their learning must equip them to make their way with success in this world, that they might compete with their fellows on equal terms, be worthy of their hire and equipped to achieve their just ambitions, finding satisfaction in them.


E believe we must equip our children spiritually, so that they will hold a lifelong commitment - firstly; to Jesus Christ as the foundation and focus of their lives; and secondly, to their fellow men and women, that others may see the Spirit that is within them. And if we succeed in these, then we believe that they will strive all their days to lead the Christ-like life, that they will be Godly men and women, loyal to His Word and putting others before themselves.


E must train, through sports and activities, healthy bodies and promote clean living. Such activities must foster a healthy competition, believing that how we play the game is as important as winning.


UR children must learn to be accountable for their own actions and decisions, understand their commitment to God, their fellows, their School and their community. They must demonstrate self-discipline and respect, that they might earn the respect of others.


ND we believe that, through faith in God and by the inspiration of His Holy Spirit, and by the example and teaching of Jesus Christ, THE WAY and the parents of our children will, indeed achieve what they have set out to do.

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School Rules

  1. A learner’s attitude and conduct should at all times be in harmony with the high standards of Christian conduct which are expected at THE WAY, and must reflect Christian standards of courtesy, respect, kindness, morality, honesty and consideration for others.
  2. The dress rules of the school must be strictly observed by all learners. When learners are in school uniform, all school rules apply irrespective of where they find themselves.
  3. Learners may not smoke tobacco or any other substance on school premises or in school uniform when outside the school. Learners may not be in possession of smoking materials.
  4. No gum is allowed on school premises. Chewing of gum in school uniform and the eating of food in the classroom is not permitted.
  5. Outsiders may not visit learners at school without first obtaining permission from the Principal.
  6. Circulars to parents from the school, Governing Body or Parent’s Forum must be carefully preserved and given to parents as soon as possible. If a reply or acknowledgment is required this must be returned to school on or before the specified date.
  7. Running, playing, sliding and skipping etc. along corridors is prohibited. No horse-play is allowed within the building or corridors at any time.
  8. Learners who damage the school property or property of others will be held responsible for the damage. Parents will be billed for the replacement and repair of/or any damaged items.
  9. Learners may not enter classrooms, the hall or offices unless accompanied by or when given permission to do so by a staff member.
  10. Learners may not use the cloakrooms during or between lessons other than at break unless permission to do so has been granted by the educator. No loitering is permitted in or around cloakrooms.
  11. Learners may use motor transport to school, i.e. cars, motorcycles, etc. as drivers only after obtaining permission to do so by the Principal. The driver must be in possession of a valid licence.
  12. No furniture (desks / chairs etc.) may be taken out of a class unless instructed by a staff member.
  13. Cell phones may not be visible or used during school hours. Should a cell phone be brought to school, it must be switched off. The school will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the cell phone.
  14. No MP 3 players, Walkmans, Ipods or the like are allowed at school. No MP3 players or phones may be used as memory sticks.
  15. Learners found to be in possession of drugs, alcohol or potentially dangerous items (e.g. guns, knives or fire crackers) whilst on the school premises or whilst involved in a school activity or whilst in school uniform, will be immediately expelled.
  16. Only languages of learning and instruction at THE WAY Christian School may be used for all communication purposes during school hours.
Please note:
Any learner who is in doubt about any aspect pertaining to School rules must discuss these issues with the Principal / Governing Body.

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Getting to The Way Christian School, from the initial encounter and interaction was truly God inspired & amazing!

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Kairos Prison Ministry

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22 July 2016

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The Way Christian School was established in January, 1998 with only 40 learners meeting for its first Assembly. Today, our core values and Mission Statement remain the same, but many things have changed since those early days. Classes have been kept small in order to create an environment in which learners are able to develop as individuals within the given structures and parameters. Our staff has however, grown considerably since those early years and close on 300 learners now form part of our school family.

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